Reaching for the stars: What does a five-star grading mean?

Few things carry the same weight when it comes to peace of mind for guests, than the quality assurance of an establishment. We’re all familiar with the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa’s star-based grading system, but do you know what makes a five-star establishment like Gallagher Convention Centre different from the rest?

The Tourism Grading Council does stringent evaluations before any stars are awarded to an establishment, and this is what you can expect when you choose Gallagher Convention Centre as the venue for your next event.

What is a convention centre?

The Tourism Grading Council views a convention and exhibition centre, like Gallagher Convention Centre, as a facility that hosts trade shows, public shows, conventions and other large functions, and that combines exhibition space with a number of smaller meeting and event spaces. These centres have ample space to accommodate a large number of attendees, and are made up of at least one auditorium, as well as other spaces, like lecture and concert halls, and meeting and conference rooms.

How are the stars awarded?

The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa is the only government-mandated, industry-supported quality assurance authority in the country. After processing an online application and being found to qualify for grading, a qualified assessor visits the establishment and evaluates the establishment. A 1000-point checklist is used to evaluate every facet of it.

This checklist is broadly divided into three sections:

  • Facilities,
  • Services,
  • Furniture, fixtures, fittings and equipment.

These sections are subdivided into everything from roads and gardens, to friendliness and attitude, and the evaluation is rigorous and thorough.

The TGCSA grading is valid for one year, after which an assessor will again visit and evaluate the establishment.

What does a five-star grading mean?

According to TGCSA standards, you can expect the most outstanding and luxurious venue that matches the best international standard of furnishings, services and guest care from an establishment that receives five stars.

To put it more clearly: an establishment that receives a five-star grading from the TGCSA, has to get the maximum amount of points, or very close to the maximum for every category, eventually making up a total of close to 1000 points.

The next time you think of the star-based grading system as something that is only used to lure guests, remember that this is an internationally recognised system of quality assurance, and that the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa is recognised as a world leader in this industry.