Entertainment Options

Not sure how to entertain your guests? Read this.  

No event is complete without some form of entertainment, but you might feel intimidated by the many entertainment options that are available for events today.

Let us break down the most popular entertainment options for you, and take the difficulty out of choosing. 

Parlour games 

If you’re hosting a smaller event, parlour games are a good way to avoid awkward silences and your event being remembered only for the clanking of cutlery. Have a look at some good ideas for parlour games at formal events here.

Live music

If your event’s theme allows, having a string quartet or a band playing in the background sets the mood and turns the evening into a bespoke event of note. This works well for events with a bigger number of guests.

A stage and performances

If your event is held in a venue with a stage, you could have a performance that is tailored to suit the theme and ambience of your event. The options here are endless: singers, bands, dancers, burlesque performers, comedians… all of these can turn an event that is a little bland into something special that your guests will talk about for weeks to come.

Fashion show

Incorporating a fashion show with something like an auction of the garments on display is an excellent idea for fundraisers. This is not only entertaining, but it is also for a good cause.

Aerial artists

Want to make your guests’ jaws drop? Look no further than aerial artists. Having these masters of the sky entertain your guests with their acrobatic manoeuvres will make this the event of the year, no doubt about it!

A dance floor and DJ

This is the go-to for most event planners, and for good reason! At bigger events, a good DJ and a big dance floor are sure to have your guests on their feet right after dinner. A dance floor has become a staple at most formal events, and is the simplest way to keep your guests entertained and happy.


Choosing the right entertainment at your next event depends on the amount of guests you are expecting, as well as the theme, and level of formality. Incorporating the correct type of entertainment into your event is of paramount importance to ensure boredom is kept at bay.