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Our venues have been newly refurbished to cater to the needs of our organisers. Don’t miss the opportunity to book your next event in a venue that has been refurbished with your function requirements in mind.

The carpets in the Boardrooms and Meeting rooms have been selected to create a professional environment, ideal for conferences. Carpets are unmatched when it comes to sound absorption and comfort, for this reason, Gallagher Convention Centre makes use of carpets in our function venues.

With the emphasis on practicality, the carpets selected are a timeless charcoal colour. The charcoal creates an atmosphere of formality whilst being able to accommodate the high volumes of traffic in the venues.

The new curtains selected have been chosen for their decorative purpose as well as their functionality. For successful conference presentations and video conferencing it is very important to keep the natural light out of the venue, for this reason, the curtains have been made from a high quality, dense and heavy fabric to block out the sunlight.

The colours for both the carpets and the curtains has been painfully selected. The elegant grey curtains were carefully chosen to compliment any of the variety of events that takes place in the venues. The curtains were chosen to highlight the décor and theme of a range of events, whether it is a conference, cocktail, dinner, luncheon or exhibition.

To celebrate our newly refurbished venues we are offering specials on our conference packages as well as specially designed dinner packages. We look forward to hosting you in our beautifully put together rooms, and at a discount.