Multi-purpose venues

Gallagher Convention Centre offers twenty-seven multi-purpose venues on the 30-hectare property. The venues range from 31 square meters to 6600 square meters.

The smallest venue on the property is Boardroom 1 and can accommodate up to 10 people boardroom style. Hall 5 is the biggest venue at Gallagher Convention Centre and can accommodate up to 7000 people. The property has ample secure parking.

At Gallagher Convention Centre we refer to our venues as multi-purpose venues. “Multi-purpose” means that the venues are versatile and can facilitate many different types of events such as conferences, exhibitions, gala dinners, cocktails, luncheons, breakfasts, examinations and private events.

The Gallagher Convention Centre team has the expertise to assist event organisers in realising their vision for an event. The venues are well suited to a host of different event types, and with the luxury of options, Gallagher is the obvious choice for event organisers.

The Gallagher venues are ideal for events with elaborate technical setups and out of the box, innovative entertainment. For the most part, the venues have high ceilings and rigging points that allow for aerial acts.

Gallagher Convention Centre strives to assist every event organiser in facilitating the event that they have conceptualised. Gallagher offers venues that can accommodate vehicles, exhibition stands, raked seating pyrotechnics and confetti cannons.

The on-site health and safety department at Gallagher Convention Centre assists event organisers in assuring that the event meets the JOC safety standards as stipulated in the Safety at sport & recreation act.

At Gallagher, organisers are not restricted regarding their setup for the event. Gallagher Convention Centre offers the option of cinema style, schoolroom style, cabaret style, roundtable- or cocktail style setups. Organisers are not limited to the standard setups offered by Gallagher Convention Centre as the venues can accommodate alternative setups such as festival benches or lounges.

To further convenience organisers, Gallagher Convention Centre offers a network of pre-qualified suppliers that can assist with every aspect of an event. Event setups are made easy at Gallagher with single level loading bays that can be driven into, to unload.

At Gallagher Convention Centre organisers do not want for expert assistance, multi-purpose venues fit for any event type or client orientated service.