Pre-qualified suppliers streamline service delivery

At Gallagher Convention Centre we pride ourselves on our network of pre-qualified suppliers, vetted and selected to guarantee superior service delivery to our event organisers.

Coordinated through Gallagher Convention Centre’s sales & coordination department, our supplier network can offer services such as logistics, freight handling & porterage, registration, printing, security, décor and technical equipment for events.

The suppliers in our pre-qualified network are held to the highest standard, in line with the quality that our clients are accustomed to receiving from Gallagher Convention Centre.

Larouxnelle Logistics and Consulting is one such a supplier that assist in making a success of the events that take place at Gallagher Convention Centre. Larouxnelle specialises in logistics and is responsible for the drayage and porterage in the venues at Gallagher Convention Centre.

This valued supplier has recently received acknowledgement for their services by AAXO (The Association of African Exhibition Organisers). At the gala awards event, where Gallagher Convention Centre won the award for the Best Venue as chosen by the organising members of AAXO, Larouxnelle won awards for The Best Supply Company, in the logistics category. They also have bragging rights with the award for the Best Employee in the logistics category.

The network of suppliers that we can offer our clients access to allows clients ease of reference, instant access and peace of mind.