Cocktails, Dinners, Décor & More

A feast for a festival

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.”- Oscar Wilde Event organisers are often looking to offer their guests an unexpected and unique experience. At Gallagher Convention Centre we are very excited to assist organisers to accomplish this. Gallagher Convention Centre offers multi-purpose venues suited to a host ... More

A festive mix

The attention paid to the details of an event will earn the appreciation of the guests attending. In the words of Danny Meyer; “A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care.” The beverage manager at Gallagher Convention Centre, Kealeboga Morathi, advises that a signature cocktail is an ideal way to add to the ... More

Selecting the menu for your event

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.”― Auguste Escoffier. At Gallagher Convention Centre we believe that the quality and taste of the food served at an event is integral to the success of the event. With this in mind, Gallagher Convention Centre offers a large selection of menu options. The first step ... More

The right wine to compliment your menu

Every event is rounded off by an unforgettable meal and wine to compliment. To paraphrase Andre Simon; “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant...” When hosting an event, selecting the right wine can potentially prove to be a challenge for event organisers as the preferences of guests differ. The rule of ... More

Step outside for your next spring event at Gallagher

Step outside for your next spring event at Gallagher As the weather warms up, South African homebodies are awakening from a period of hibernation and stepping outside again. Gallagher Convention Centre is the ideal venue if you want to have your next event outside. We offer four different outdoor venues to host outdoor events of any kind.... More

Make your next event a braai event

Make your next event a braai event Although South Africans have claimed the braai as being an authentically South African tradition, it goes without saying that this method of food preparation probably followed not long after early Homo sapiens figured out how to make fire. So, while we can’t lay claim to discovering the braai, we can ... More

Choosing flowers for your event? Here is the ultimate guide to their meaning.

I recently went to a magical wedding where the centrepieces on the tables were tall, thin glass bottles, each with a single white lily. The simplicity delighted those obsessed with orderliness and the avid romantics. The power of flowers first dawned on me while watching the 2003 Tim Burton classic Big Fish. In one of the most ... More

Spring décor trends to brighten any table

Spring décor trends to brighten any table Spring is a time of rebirth, and this is not just limited to nature. Forget about modest and reserved décor - this season calls for regeneration and vibrancy. The director of Unlimited Events Operations, Jerry Ntsele, recommends you keep the following trends in mind when planning your table ... More

These ingredients are indispensable on your springtime table

With everyone planning spring events, we asked our top chef, Gordon Fraser, what ingredients are a must-have on a spring table. According to chef Gordon, spring calls for dishes that are brimming with flavour, and these ingredients will help you to achieve just that. Sun-dried tomato Chockful of lycopene, antioxidants and vitamin C, ... More

Bottoms up! Try these cocktails at your spring party.

Bottoms up! Try these cocktails at your spring party.  On a spring afternoon, nothing goes down quite like a refreshing cocktail. Gallagher Convention Centre’s beverage manager, Kea Morathi, advises you try these for your next spring party.  Strawberry Daiquiri  Always a popular choice, this classic summertime drink ... More