Tips & Trends

Have a look at our Quick Cafѐ food concept

The event industry is filled with ever-changing trends, Gallagher Convention Centre continuously works towards keeping ahead of the hype in terms of our offering to our clients whilst ensuring the practical applicability there-of. Festival type food is growing in popularity in the event industry; this often means the association with food ... More

Making a positive contribution to our community

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”- Margaret J. Wheatley On 28 August 2019, we had the privilege of meeting the dedicated team from the Midrand SPCA. Gallagher Convention Centre used this opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to making a positive impact on the Midrand community ... More

We celebrate an accomplished team-member

We are very excited to share in the celebration of another team member who has been honoured by an industry recognition award. Sannikie Makgakga, Exhibition Manager: Operations at Gallagher Convention Centre, was chosen as one of the 2019 Top 40 Women in MICE. Sannikie received her award during a luncheon held in honour of the winners ... More

Gallagher paid it Forward

On 18 July 2019 Gallagher Convention Centre hosted FoodForwardSA for their food packing event in Hall 1. The 2019 FoodForward SA Mandela Day Food Drive, in partnership with Pick n Pay, was one of the largest national food drives in South Africa, providing much-needed basic food items to vulnerable communities. The food collected in the ... More

GCCC a culinary marvel

Gallagher Convention Centre Catering (GCCC) is the preferred on-site supplier to Gallagher Convention Centre for all the venue’s culinary requirements. The dynamic Gallagher Convention Centre Catering (GCCC) team is led by Head Chef Gordon Fraser. Gordon has been associated with Gallagher Convention Centre since 1996.  During his ... More

The last straw

Gallagher Convention Centre believes in innovating and evolving with our clients and organisers. Over the past year, we have noted a greater focus from organisers on the social and environmental impact of their events. Going forward Gallagher Convention Centre would like to assist you in your effort to be kind to the environment by ... More

Cheers to the holidays

Iced tea and fresh berries are the ideal refreshing summer combination. Turn this tasty pair into a cocktail that is perfect for every occasion. This easy to create, pretty and pleasing drink can be served as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. Ingredients 500ml Steeped and cooled rooibos tea 500ml Berry juice without ... More

Another team member steps up

We pride ourselves on our superior service offering and experienced staff. One such staff member who embodies going above and beyond for clients is Cornelle Du Preez. Cornelle first started at Gallagher Convention Centre in 2007 as a Sales Consultant. In this position, she worked on securing many events for Gallagher Convention ... More

We celebrate the promotion of a devoted team member

At Gallagher Convention Centre we pride ourselves on the knowledge and commitment of our staff. The Gallagher team is a devoted group, skilled and service orientated. It has been a time of exciting changes at Gallagher Convention Centre as we strive to always better the experience for our clients and their guests. One such an ... More

Encouragement leads to advancement

At Gallagher Convention Centre we are known for our service-excellence and experienced client-orientated staff. When booking events at Gallagher Convention Centre, our clients receive the support of our knowledgeable team. Patson Dube is one such a skilled member of the Gallagher team. Patson has been involved with Gallagher ... More