Better equipped to accommodate guests


Gallagher Convention Centre installed a state of the art mobility solution to better accommodate, and enhance the experience, for visitors to the property who have additional requirements.

The Estate Ballroom at Gallagher Convention Centre is known for its impressive staircase leading into the venue. This staircase has recently been upgraded, and it is now equipped with a wheelchair lift to assist individuals who require assistance to access the venue’s grand entrance with more ease.

The platform lift was installed in January 2018 and has been certified by The Department of Labour, in accordance with the Health and Safety act of 1993.

The VIMEC platform stairlift, provided by Sitwell consulting can accommodate up to 300 Kilograms, making allowance for a wheelchair user.

The platform lift can be remotely or manually operated and is available for use by any individual who requires assistance to traverse the stairs.

Gallagher Convention Centre aims to make the experience for every visitor to the property a pleasant one, and we will continue to endeavour to make our visitor’s time on the property as comfortable as possible.