BRICS 2018 Future Skills Challenge and Expo

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South Africa will be Hosting the BRICS 2018 Future Skills Challenge and Expo from 02nd to 04th  October 2018 at Gallagher Convention Centre.

The BRICS  2018 Future Skills Challenge will be focusing on smart factories with Industry 4.0 as a key theme through both the Expo and the  Skills Challenge. Participants from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are given specific tasks and deadlines in which to complete them. Participants are judged by panels of specialists from participating countries.


The Following  Skill Areas will be showcased at the Event :


*             Cyber Security

*             Internet of Things

*             Data Analytics

*             High-Performance Computing

Manufacturing and Engineering

*             Industrial Robotics Installation and Maintenance

*             Metal joining challenge (Welding)

*             3D Printing: Additive Manufacturing

*             Drone Technology

*             Maker

*             Multi-AXIS Machining

*             Intelligent Manufacturing (Automation)

*             Robotic Welding


*             Aircraft Composites

*             Aircraft sheet metal

*             Non-destructive testing

The BRICS 2018 Future Skills Challenge and Expo is Proudly Brought to you by the Department Of Higher Education and Training ( DHET ), The Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Seta MerSETA and the BRICS Business Council.

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