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Gallagher Convention Centre brings you unbeatable specials tailored to suit your budget.

We are offering a variety of lunch-, dinner- and braai- specials for you to choose from. The specially formulated packages allow us to cater to any occasion- within your budget.

We offer you the option to choose from Classic, Crystal or Diamond lunch packages. A lunch package includes décor options and a two-course meal. You can select a starter and main course or a main- and dessert course.

When selecting a dinner special, you have the option of a Classic, Crystal or Diamond dinner package. Each package includes décor options, venue essentials and a five star, three-course buffet menu option.

If you prefer a more relaxed touch, we have you covered with a special braai package.  Our braai packages include décor options, venue essentials and a three-course menu. One package is even structured to allow guests to have an interactive braai experience; guests can roll up their sleeves and get involved.

Gallagher Convention Centre caters to all dietary requirements upon prior request. Visit our website for more information on our special offers and to book your event.