Have a look at our <i>Quick Cafѐ</i> food concept

The event industry is filled with ever-changing trends, Gallagher Convention Centre continuously works towards keeping ahead of the hype in terms of our offering to our clients whilst ensuring the practical applicability there-of. Festival type food is growing in popularity in the event industry; this often means the association with food trucks or food “stalls”. […]

Executive Chef Gordon’s catering is a cut above

Gallagher Convention Centre is a 5-star multi-purpose event venue known for excellence driven service delivery. At Gallagher we pride ourselves on our experienced team. Our management team boasts with more than 380+ years industry experience. We promote our versatility, flexibility and culinary offering. At Gallagher they strive to offer you “Your event, Your way”. Executive […]

Choose Gallagher Convention Centre to host your year-end or conference

When organising an event, choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions to make. Select the right venue- we will make the process of organising your event easier. Gallagher Convention Centre’s facilities are famous for being multi-purpose and enable us to host large events due to our 27 different venues and 5,000+ parking […]