Gallagher takes COVID-19 precautions

In an attempt to mitigate the risk to our staff as well as visitors, we have taken the following precautions.

  • At Gallagher Convention Centre, we have implemented a “No handshake” policy in an effort to limit exposure of all guests and staff on our property.
  • We uphold the highest hygiene standards, and as such, you will see our team of cleaning staff in the venues as well as the restrooms, continuously cleaning and disinfecting these areas with antibacterial products.
  • Our kitchens maintain the highest food safety protocols. We have the necessary health and hygiene certification to substantiate this. In addition to this, all of our kitchens are audited by an independent laboratory quarterly as an additional measure.
  • Gallagher offers antibacterial hand soap in all twenty-three restrooms facilities as well as educational signage to remind guests to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly.
  • We have deployed sixty hand sanitiser dispensers on the property at easily accessible areas such as venue entrances and entrances to the restrooms.
  • At Gallagher Convention Centre, we have an established medical centre with qualified personnel to assist guests that may feel under the weather. From here, the staff will dispense the correct face masks to guests with a suspected illness.
  • We look forward to hosting you in the future and wish you the best of health.