Gallagher Convention Centre offers video conferencing facilities

Over and above all the perks of being a tenant in the office building on the Gallagher Convention Centre property, tenants also have access to the use of the video conferencing facilities in Boardroom 5.

Video conferencing has become indispensable in creating a collaborative workforce. More companies realise the benefit of this tool for the workplace. Among the many benefits of video conferencing, there are four benefits that we believe is key;

  • Video conferencing is a cost-saving tool;
    Making use of video conferencing allows companies to save on travel costs as it creates the opportunity for involvement without the individuals having to be in the same room.
  • Improve communication;
    Companies improve their communication by creating an opportunity for colleagues to communicate “face to face”. Better communication avoids time- consuming misunderstandings and improves working relationships with colleagues.
  • Increased Business to Business opportunities;
    Video conferencing creates the opportunity for employees to interact with potential customers on a more personal level. Employees can also make use of this medium to showcase products to prospective clients.
  • Better Collaboration remotely;
    Video conferencing allows employees the freedom to work remotely while still enabling them to collaborate on projects.

Gallagher Convention Centre offers the advantage of video conferencing to tenants and clients as Boardroom 5 is a complete setup video conferencing facility with room to seat up to 10 delegates.

There is a 10-megabyte fibre line dedicated to the video conferencing facility, ensuring the quality and stability of the internet feed to facilitate uninterrupted “face to face” time.

Gallagher Convention Centre has endeavoured to offer this setup to clients and tenants as the permanent installation avoids the burden of inflated costs and hassle. We offer you the opportunity to embrace the future of workplace collaboration.