Upscale Interior for Gallagher office space

The interior of the office building on the Gallagher Convention Centre property has recently been redesigned to have a more contemporary look.

The interior design of an area sets the mood and atmosphere of that specific area, after all, Saul Bass said; “Design is thinking made visible”. With this in mind, a team was assembled to create beautiful focal points in the building’s general areas while also managing a balance between professionalism and comfort.

It was essential for the new design to incorporate the existing classic marble and brass finishes in the three-story office building with the fresh, contemporary feel and some modern design elements.

The Colonial design features which adorned the building previously was removed, along with the majority of the indoor plants and the artwork mirroring the grandeur of the colonial design style.

The new interior design incorporates contemporary geometrical shapes with spots of colour to balance the tones of grey and charcoal used as a base in all the lounge areas. The yellow tones compliment the classic brass finishes and liven up the marble.

Couches reminiscent of the Modern design style have been used to create comfortable areas for quick meetings or a place for a bit of relaxation when stepping out of the office.

Smart lighting has been used to add warmth to the general areas and softens the use of contrast; it is also used to draw attention to these focal points.

The water feature in the lobby sets a calm and sophisticated tone that indicates that this 10360 square meter office building is in a completely different class.