Butler serviced boardrooms

Gallagher Convention Centre strives to offer a premium service to ensure the comfort of our clients and guests.

In striving to set ourselves apart at delivering a superior service, Gallagher Convention Centre offers a full butler service in our boardrooms. In the words of Nelson Boswell; “Here is the simple but powerful rule, always give people more than they expect to get”.

A butler is an individual who is instrumental in delivering a personalised service to ensure the comfort of guests. The presence of the butlers in the boardrooms at Gallagher Convention Centre serves to enhance the Gallagher-experience.

Gallagher Convention Centre has five boardrooms. Boardroom 5 has a video conferencing facility and seats up to 10 people boardroom style.

Boardrooms 1- 4 vary in size and can accommodate between 10 – 60 people. The capacities depend on the specific room and the configuration thereof.

The boardrooms are very popular to use for VIP holding rooms, management meetings, small conferences, intimate breakfasts & luncheons.

Due to the regular use of the boardrooms by VIP guests, the butler service in the rooms are very important and contributes to the peace of mind of event organisers.

The butlers, sharply dressed in black tails and a bowler- or derby hat, takes great pride in offering an unmatched level of service to our guests.