Selecting the menu for your event

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.”― Auguste Escoffier.

At Gallagher Convention Centre we believe that the quality and taste of the food served at an event is integral to the success of the event.

With this in mind, Gallagher Convention Centre offers a large selection of menu options. The first step for an event organiser is to determine whether to select a plated menu or a buffet. To decide this, an event organiser needs to consider the formality of the event, the guests attending and the size of the room in which the event will take place. A room that is too small cannot accommodate the necessary amount of buffet stations. It is always good to consider the nature of the event and the dress code. If it is a very formal affair and guests are dressed in formal wear, a plated menu may be more suitable.

When choosing a plated menu it is important to consider the dietary requirements of the guests and plan for special requests such as vegetarians, pescatarians, who eat fish but no other meat, and guests with religious requirements, allergies or other dietary restrictions.

At Gallagher Convention Centre we can seamlessly guide you through this process of selecting the most appropriate menu for your event. Gallagher Convention Centre is NIHT certified and serve strictly Halaal meals. Our chefs are very good at proposing meals for specific dietary requirements and our plated menu options spoil our organisers for choice. We also offer plated meals with a combination of two meat options, a starch and vegetables, to ease the navigation of dietary requirements.

A buffet menu offers the guests the opportunity to select the items they prefer themselves; it is also an easier option for event organisers as the matter of dietary requirements are simpler to manage with a buffet. At Gallagher Convention Centre we have eliminated the worry of long lines by offering multiple buffet stations, enough to keep the lines short and fast moving.

The chefs at Gallagher are passionate about quality food that is great tasting. For this reason, the chefs are eager to offer clients unique menus to set their event apart.