The perfect holiday mix

Compliment every occasion with the perfect drink during the summer holidays.

The beverage manager at Gallagher Convention Centre, Kealeboga Morathi, will help you to look like an experienced mixologist with this step-by-step recipe for a Rooibos-peach cocktail. This easy to make beverage is perfect for the summer. The Rooibos-peach punch can also be served as a non-alcoholic drink for those who do not enjoy alcoholic refreshments.

This punch is easy to prepare, delicious and can be presented beautifully. It is the ideal drink to compliment every event during the holidays, and it is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser due to its refreshing taste.

Rooibos-peach punch


500ml Steeped and cooled rooibos tea

500ml Peach juice without pulp

100ml Vodka (for a mocktail do not add the Vodka)

1 x Fresh lemon, thinly sliced

Fresh mint leaves

2 x Peaches, thinly sliced


Combine all the ingredients in a juice jug and stir well

Serve over ice. This drink can also be served over crushed ice when enjoyed during the day.

The Rooibos-peach punch can be prepared in under ten minutes, and your guests will never guess. Garnish the drinks with some peach wedges and mint leaves, add a fancy straw and serve ice cold.