A festive mix

The attention paid to the details of an event will earn the appreciation of the guests attending. In the words of Danny Meyer; “A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care.”

The beverage manager at Gallagher Convention Centre, Kealeboga Morathi, advises that a signature cocktail is an ideal way to add to the theme of your event. A carefully selected cocktail will enhance a festival theme.

Cocktails are known for their bright colours and garnishings. The trimmings and playful whimsy of cocktails make the beverage uniquely suited to an event with a festival theme.

A Cocktail, traditionally a beverage characterised by the use of spirits, can also be served without alcohol. A cocktail without alcohol is referred to as a mocktail and allows guests who do not enjoy alcohol to partake in the fun of a signature drink.

Morathi, suggests a selection of colourful cocktails and mocktails served creatively. Cocktails served in a beautiful glass or jar will capture the interest of guests. A cocktail such as a Mojito always looks gorgeous and is refreshing to boot due to the combination of fresh mint and lime juice. A Mojito can also be served as a mocktail to cater to the requirements of all the guests.

It is important to consider what the beverage looks like as well as the taste of the drink when selecting a cocktail or mocktail for your event. At Gallagher Convention Centre the beverage manager offers event organisers the opportunity to do a tasting of the suggested mixed drinks.