Encouragement leads to advancement

At Gallagher Convention Centre we are known for our service-excellence and experienced client-orientated staff.

When booking events at Gallagher Convention Centre, our clients receive the support of our knowledgeable team. Patson Dube is one such a skilled member of the Gallagher team.

Patson has been involved with Gallagher Convention Centre for eleven years. He was first introduced to Gallagher as a site manager for a supply company before he was employed as an Assistant Banqueting manager by Gallagher Convention Centre.

In 2012 Patson was promoted to Banqueting Manager, and in 2017 he was again promoted, this time to Assistant Operations Manager. Patson’s devotion to the company and its clients has led to his most recent appointment as the Operations Manager at Gallagher Convention Centre.

Patson fondly recalls that some of his most memorable moments at Gallagher Convention Centre is that in 2012 and 2013 he won the company’s Employee of the Year Award.

He also says that the encouragement that he has received from the, then General Manager and, current CEO is something that he is very thankful for during his journey and advancement at Gallagher Convention Centre.