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Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery buys facilities management expo

Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery has expanded its portfolio of exhibitions with the acquisition of the Facilities Management (FM) Expo from TE Trade Events. The FM Expo, which showcases products and services associated with property and building management and maintenance, will be co-located with Specialised Exhibitions ... More

The last straw

Gallagher Convention Centre believes in innovating and evolving with our clients and organisers. Over the past year, we have noted a greater focus from organisers on the social and environmental impact of their events. Going forward Gallagher Convention Centre would like to assist you in your effort to be kind to the ... More

Cheers to the holidays

Iced tea and fresh berries are the ideal refreshing summer combination. Turn this tasty pair into a cocktail that is perfect for every occasion. This easy to create, pretty and pleasing drink can be served as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. Ingredients 500ml Steeped and cooled rooibos tea 500ml Berry ... More

Another team member steps up

We pride ourselves on our superior service offering and experienced staff. One such staff member who embodies going above and beyond for clients is Cornelle Du Preez. Cornelle first started at Gallagher Convention Centre in 2007 as a Sales Consultant. In this position, she worked on securing many events for Gallagher ... More

Huntex 2019

It all begins somewhere. A lifelong passion. An amazing adventure. A specialised collection. A great story. HuntEx is the one place you can find the products, services and providers to start it...or fuel it. On show is the latest in hunting, sports, tactical and defensive firearms, ammunition, gear, accessories, shooting and ... More