Cheers to the holidays

Iced tea and fresh berries are the ideal refreshing summer combination. Turn this tasty pair into a cocktail that is perfect for every occasion.

This easy to create, pretty and pleasing drink can be served as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.


500ml Steeped and cooled rooibos tea

500ml Berry juice without pulp

100ml Berry flavoured Vodka (for a mocktail do not add the Vodka)

Fresh whole berries

1 x Strawberry cut to fit onto the rim of the glass


Combine all the ingredients in a juice jug and stir well

Serve over ice. This drink can also be served over crushed ice when enjoyed during the day.

This beautiful berry cocktail will delight your guests and can be prepared in no time. If you do not want your cocktail to be watered down by melting ice, you can use frozen berries instead of ice.