A feast for a festival

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.”- Oscar Wilde

Event organisers are often looking to offer their guests an unexpected and unique experience. At Gallagher Convention Centre we are very excited to assist organisers to accomplish this.

Gallagher Convention Centre offers multi-purpose venues suited to a host of different event types.

Festival style events can be a lot of fun for those attending, and at Gallagher Convention Centre the venues are spacious enough to be set with festival benches or lounges and rounded off with creative décor that will surprise and delight guests. The first step when hosting a festival-style event is to select a menu that compliments the theme.

The accomplished chefs at Gallagher Convention Centre can assist event organisers to create a menu brimming with flavour and fun. The chefs can expertly create the perfect menu for a festival themed event, balancing the taste and quality of food that Gallagher is known for with the light-hearted pleasure of a festival.

When planning a menu for a festival, it is important to select items that are flavourful and can be presented beautifully. Our chefs suggest that the following items must be considered for a festival menu;

Smoked peppered chicken served with a traditional chunky guacamole, tortilla chips and mixed salad

Deconstructed pastrami on rye with jalapeno mayo mixed leaf salad and roasted vine tomatoes

Crumbed chicken wings served with peri- peri sauce & fries

Pulled beef with caramelised onion, toasted flatbread and herb gravy

Vetkoek boerie rolls

Tempura battered fish with potato wedges

Marinated chicken, beef or roasted vegetable wraps

Sweet chilli chicken noodle salad

Lamb with green chutney bunny chow

Butter chicken in a rich turmeric, tomato & lemon sauce bunny chow

Beef Jalfrezi with a Riata bunny chow

The Gallagher Convention Centre team is eager to assist you in serving an unforgettable feast at your festival themed event. Let us help you to create an unexpected experience for your guests.