Have a look at our Quick Cafѐ food concept

The event industry is filled with ever-changing trends, Gallagher Convention Centre continuously works towards keeping ahead of the hype in terms of our offering to our clients whilst ensuring the practical applicability there-of.

Festival type food is growing in popularity in the event industry; this often means the association with food trucks or food “stalls”. Whilst fun and creative these methods of food dispensing is not without its challenges and is often impractical when serving bigger numbers or for quick food turn-around.

At Gallagher Convention Centre, we are committed to offering quality food whilst adhering to the strictest food safety standards and maintaining our excellent food hygiene standard. Keeping our commitment to quality in mind, our amazing team brainstormed ways to offer our clients the excitement of the food truck trend whilst keeping it practical in order to serve large numbers whilst not taking up too much floor space with food service.

The Quick Cafѐ food concept was born when our CEO, Charles Wilson, came up with the idea to offer a quick service solution whilst allowing the delegate or guest to be a part of the service experience.

The experience and ability of the Gallagher Convention Centre team never seize to astound as the idea was passed onto Lucky Moloi, who did quick work of changing the idea into a reality.

Lucky has been part of the Gallagher Convention Centre team for eight years. He is a trade tested artisanal welder and describes himself as someone who never backs down from a challenge.

“I enjoy the challenge of working on a new concept and turning an idea into a reality”; says Lucky about the sixth Quick Cafѐ’s that he made in a week. “We are working on more”; Lucky says – as the demand is too great to only have six.

The Quick Cafѐ is just another way in which Gallagher Convention Centre works towards offering client’s the best options considering all the variables of putting together a successful event of the highest quality.